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Here is a list of what is included in our standard package for the price that is listed on our website:

Pre-Built Panelized Homes & Multi-Family Building Systems delivered just about anywhere in Texas & can be erected for you.

These Homes are NOT Mobile, Modular nor PreFab.

  • They are known as “Pre-Built Panelized Homes” or Open Panel Construction
  • Built with extra bracing which makes a much stronger finished product than traditional construction
  • Easy to Assembly
  • Eliminates Construction Delays
  • Reduce the amount of sub-contractors which saves you money
  • Reduce your waste cost
  • Real Homes with great appraisal values
  • Buyers or Renters are able to Move in More Quickly
  • Multi-Family Units Available

  • 8ft Section Wall Panels with 3 layers of exterior sheathing

  • 2" x 4" Studs @ 16” on center
  • (Upgrade to 2" x 6" Framing)
  • 7/16" ZIP O.S.B. Water-Proof Sheathing with Tape
  • No House Wrap Needed!
  • 4'x8' Sheets or Horizontal Lap Siding all shipped loose for on-site application as per plans
  • Low-E Double Pane Single Hung Vinyl Windows
  • Thermal Insulated Sliding Glass Doors
  • Thermal Metal Clad Front & Rear Doors
  • Exterior Trim, Fascia & Soffit Materials are also included as per plans.
  • Interior Partition Walls to section off units, living space & bedrooms (Rough Framing) you can modify the lay-out of any model.
  • Stamped Engineered Roof Trusses
  • Foil Back Radiant Barrier O.S.B. Roof Decking (H-Clips Included) Saves up to 17%
  • 15lbs. Black Felt Paper
  • Stamped Engineered Floor Joist System (for 2 & 3 story Models)
  • 22/32" T&G O.S.B. Sub-Flooring Decking (for 2 & 3 Story Models)
  • Real Energy Efficient, High Quality, Custom Built units to order and be delivered to your job site, in most cases with-in 3 to 4 weeks.

(512) 981-0775